Mountain Man


Caleb Lachmann started his carving career about 15 years ago in Blue Ridge, GA. Initially, it was his "side job", in addition to working at a Christian Camp. However, his interest in beekeeping outweighed chainsaw carving, so that became his "side job" and he carved a few things here and there. In 2018, Caleb married his beautiful bride, Nikki, and he moved to Montana, to live on her family farm. He felt carving would be one way to provide for their family, so has been working hard at it since the fall of 2018, in addition to working on the farm. He has used native wood species from Georgia and Montana for his carvings, and can also do on-site custom carvings. Caleb and Nikki love the Blue Ridge Mountains and hope to move back to the area.

"There is something satisfying about taking a piece of wood destined to rot or burn and, instead, turning it into a beautiful creation for others to enjoy. The speed, strength, and ruggedness of using a chainsaw to create art also has its appeal. As young boys, my twin brother and I spent many Sunday afternoons with Gramps and Gram clearing and burning brush in their woods. This formative time prepared me to pick up a chainsaw over a decade later. One day a friend challenged me to carve something and offered to give me a chainsaw in exchange for a bear. I spent countless hours practicing, and there were many failed attempts early on, but I stuck it out. When I first started carving, I had one general purpose saw. Now I have a number of professional saws with special carving bars on them. Practically anything can be carved with a chainsaw! If it can be imagined, it can be carved! The source of my inspiration and creativity is The One who created all things." - Caleb

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